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The brand

With INTUITIV! Manfred Hauk introduces a jewellery range with several distinctive features that set it apart from other jewellery.
Every item is a genuine one-off, lovingly crafted by hand. There really is only one of each of these miniature porcelain artworks in the whole world – and that’s what makes the INTUITIV! collection unique and instantly recognisable!

Although they come in a huge variety of designs, there is one thing all these unique pieces have in common: they bear the creative stamp of the man who made them. Every shape and colour contains a spark from the artist’s soul.
The use of clay as the base material means it is possible to create some highly complex shapes and makes the finished item of jewellery surprisingly and pleasantly lightweight. Carefully fired coloured glaze turns every INTUITIV! bisque piece into a real eye-catcher!

Even though your personalised item has a hard shell, its sensitive core needs to be handled with a certain amount of care. Consult the Accessories section for more information. That way your jewellery will give you years of pleasure!



Manfred Hauk

Born in Vienna in 1962, I spent the first 30 years of my life in this inspirational city. In 2011, after having transferred the focal point of my life to Lower Austria, I returned to Vienna. I started taking guitar lessons at the age of ten, and four years later produced my first compositions and lyrics. At 16 I founded my first rock band with some friends and switched from guitar to bass, which, along with my voice, remains my main instrument today. For me, the creative approach to art has always been crucial: producing something never before heard or seen that allows me to express my emotions or my personal standpoint. Sounds and visible forms are the vehicle for deep-seated feelings that look for a way to reach the perceptible surface.

Manfred Hauk

Although I am willing to embrace many different styles, three things are always important to me: the aesthetics, concept and individuality of artistic activity. The art is the ability to give ideas, moods and personal views a comprehensible form that others can interpret for themselves and that touches a chord with them.
I hope I have managed to do this with my jewellery collection and hope you enjoy your individual INTUITIV! piece!

Best wishes,
Unterschrift Manfred

  Pictures: (c) Sabine Hauswirth



The shop

Our online store contains a range to which new items are constantly being added. Because all the one-off pieces on sale there are created by one and the same person, production capacity is naturally limited. To allow other customers the chance to give themselves an intuitive treat, please limit the number of items you place in your cart to three.

Apart from in our online shop, you can also obtain the miniature artworks at these addresses where selected INTUITIV! pieces are available for purchase.